Admission Counselor agency Startup Idea

Admission Counselor agency Startup Idea

Admission counsellor is a work which will give you A lot of money and reputation at the same time. Just start your work will full energy.

Admission Counselor agency Startup Idea


The scope of Admission counsellor:-

We all want admission in reputed colleges, but there are many new colleges whose educational staff is more talented than reputed college, but still, they don’t get admissions in their college. Here you can use this opportunity, and this field has a lot of scopes in the future.

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You can easily earn up to 1 lakh monthly from this work.

Investment required?

The initial investment in this business is zero.

Time required?

It will take a maximum of 15 to 30 days to start this business

Workforce needed?

You can start this business alone

Detailed Description

Admission Counselor is work which you can start independently from anywhere, either you can start it
1. from your home or from an office and that too in your Hometown or from any city. This is one of the most
2. respectable works which can let you earn in lakhs. Admission Counselor is a person who helps others in
3. getting admission in various institutes or colleges anywhere in the world.

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1. Train Yourself

The essential thing which you will require while starting This work is to educate yourself to the fullest. Here teaching yourself means to develop the interpersonal skills, which will help you in communicating with all type of people all over the world. In this work, you should be ready to face Some people from various fields and areas. So communication skill is one of the key factors in this

2 Try To Be Multilingual

It is not that much necessary but its a plus point for you if you know many different languages, because on this
the basis you can communicate with many different people of various areas which will help you in growing your business. So try to learn as many as languages as you can

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3. Make Contacts with Colleges/Institutes

Since you are going to help other people in getting admission at various universities and institutes, so before
starting this make a good contact with different colleges In different regions. Make a proper contact list of Different colleges and their respective heads. Make sure that they will give you proper credit for any admission
made by you in that Institute.

4. Advertise About Your Work

This is one of the most important parts of this whole business. You will have to advertise about your work in
The near by areas. You can use banners, posters, Pamphlets, etc. for the advertising purpose. You can
also, use the internet for this purpose, and this will promote your business like anything

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5. Advertise in Colleges/Institutes

It will also be a good option to choose the college or Institute itself for the advertisement purpose. Try to talk
to them regarding space and put your canopy or banner to attract the students.

6.Maintain your reputation and good work

Maintaining your reputation is the key to this business, and always try to provide the best of your services to the
clients. It will help you in generating good customers and will add up many more clients to your books.

7. Charge from Client as well as College/Institute

Before charging the fees from your clients make everything clear and never make any fake promises to them. You can charge the respective college as well as your customer also for your services, and there is nothing wrong in this because you are providing services

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     Bonus Tip:- Make sure you have all the details about colleges with you are tied up. All placement details, fees structure and what are the advantages when they took admission form your referral.

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