LOW-COST Smart Home Automation Business

LOW-COST Smart Home Automation Business

LOW-COST Smart Home Automation Business

LOW-COST Smart Home Automation Business

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What is low-cost home automation and how it is different from other full home automation techniques?

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Low-cost home automation of low cost like clapping switch, voice recognition circuit, Arduino PLC, etc. to switch ON your appliances without replacing your appliances. SO it’s more attractive than the high-cost full house automation system.


In India, Many families renovate their homes once every two years and spend a lot of money to make their house better than others. In this environment, home automation can earn you a lot of money. You can charge from 2500 to 5000 or even more.

Need in the market   

Every Indian house needs automation for energy saving. Automation can make life easier for old age people as they can control all lights and fans just by a click.

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There are no potential competitors in the market for automation in many areas, and all the famous brands are charging lakhs of rupees for automating full house by using latest appliances, but you are making circuits and attaching it to all the devices. So it’s a market of high potential.

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Materials required for home automation business:-

Materials needed are clapping switch, LDRs, LEDs and all sensors.

Cost required for home automation business:-

Need some initial investment for making all circuits like clapping switch and all kind of switches, voice recognition circuit and all sensors, whose cost will be not more than 100 rupees per appliance.

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The time required:-

To connect all circuits to the devices, it depends upon the number of appliances like tube lights, fans, motors, etc.

How to make those circuits:-

If you are the electronics engineer, then you can start this business of your own. If not then you need an electronics engineer for this business. He will tell you the circuits required for making the low-cost automated house.

Business Idea:-

Start implementing this plan in your home as it can be a good advertisement method. Start approaching shops, clinics and apartments and tell them the advantages of home automation. One of the benefits is it saves electricity as it will automatically switch off the fan and appliances if no one is present in that room. Profit margin will be more than 1500 rupees per house.

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Success ratio:-

The success rate is 100%, As there are other companies which charge a lot of money as they change all appliances and renovate your house with mechanical devices. But in your business, we are making the circuit which will connect to initially installed devices. Due to which cost of installation becomes one-fourth of your competitors.

Steps you can follow to make your brand

  1. Approach to an electronics engineer and start discussing this idea, and start implementing in your house.
  2. Make a team of 4-5 and assign one of the members to tell the advantages of home automation to others and influence them for home automation.

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Bonus tips for more income:-

You can combine this business with a network marketing business, in simple words, once you installed this automation circuit. Some commission should be given to the owner of the house if any new customers approach for home automation through him.


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