Start your Online shop(Kirana)

Start an online stop business.

 How to start an online shop (Kirana )business.

Start an online stop business.

Start an online stop business.

Need in the market

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Everything is going online. In 2020, online business will overtake the tradition business. Monthly items required by the customers can be delivered directly to their house. Everyone is busy with their job, and everyone tries to avoid shopping so as to get a little extra time with their family. So starting an online shop is the best startup idea.

 Competition in the market

Competition in this sector is low in rural and urban areas. Most of the online shops are in smart and developed cities like Mumbai, Chennai but in developing areas competition is weak.

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Investment Needed

The initial investment is in website and app development which will cost 50,000 to 1 lakh INR.

How to advertise your business and Where to export or sell the product?

Start with your local areas and get tied up with all the Kirana as well as medical shops. Tell them the advantages of being online and how online business is better than traditional business.

Every shop owners want their store to become online, but they don’t know the tools required and how to control and managed online traffic.

How to Start your business?

As previously stated start with your local areas. Make a tie-up with all Kirana shops, medical stores, and vegetables shops and market. Tell them the advantage of being online and don’t charge anything from them just post all the products on your website.

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  • Approach every local house in your area and tell them about this app and website and add 50% off for every product for one month till your app get minimum 1000 active user. Make the team for approaching people.
  • Make a team of salespeople, who delivers the items to their doorsteps?

India is the sixth largest grocery market in the world. So much for a country where 41.6 per cent people are below the poverty line. The food and grocery segment constitutes about 70 per cent of the $470 billion retail markets in India.

But only 5-8 per cent of the Indian market is organized, the rests are the disorganized mom and pop shops run by family members. But the trend is fast changing. More and more food and grocery stores are falling in line and growing at a rate of 18.4 %.

Bonus tip- Start your shop in your local area and tie up with those shops which are far away distance from your store. This method will provide you with double benefits.

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  • Rajesh March 3, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    I have a online store but I fail to run it because of lack of money.i don’t so much money to spend on advertising or marketing. Or pay salary.

    • sanjit March 4, 2018 at 11:36 am

      Hello Sir, For online store you just need some time and the most important is excellent services.If your services are good then your online store will be successful in no time.


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